Today, we are gonna talk about the hottest militaries in the world and their rank in our top 10 list.

10: U.S Army

American womens are participating in their military from civil war, and its 14.5% of the total no. of soldier in US army in 2014.

Top 10 hottest armed forces of the world "usa at 10"
Beautiful Female soldiers of the world

If you want to see more pics of US army girls just click on the link right below.

Hot and sexy American Female Soldiers Photos

09: Czech Republic army

Czech women are participating in military from years. Czech women’s are not allowed in army before WWII due to military regulation. But after that they will allowed in the field and become most attractive military of the world.

beautiful female soldiers of the world

08: Polish Army

Poland is one the most beautiful country in this contest. Poland army is small but still have 2500 women in it. And these women put them in most beautiful armed forces in the world.

which military branch has the hottest females
beautiful female soldiers

07: British Army

British women are integrated into the british armed forces since 1980.

beautiful female soldiers in the world
beautiful female soldiers

06: Pakistan Army

Female soldiers of pakistan are the most beautiful soldiers in the world.

beautiful female soldiers
beautiful female soldiers

05: Israel Army .

Israel army is the only nation to conscript women and assign some of them to infantry combatant service. which place them directly in the line of fire.

israeli female soldiers on beach
israeli female soldiers on beach

if you want to see some more photos off israeli female soldiers click the link.

israeli female soldiers on beach

04: Greece army

Greece is a country who has most beautiful people, that’s why Greece female military is one of the most hottest female army in the world. greece has compulsory military services for male. which means all men’s above 18 have to serve for 9 month . but this rule does not on women.

israeli female soldiers on beach
israeli female soldiers on beach

03: Australian army

Australian army in our list is at 3rd position . women of australia have served in armed forces since 1899, but in 1941-42 australia established female branches in their armed forces . which they took very well.

women in combat australia
australian defence force female

02: Russian Army

Russian female soldiers performed various duties armies throw out russian history Especially during the great patriotic war.

russian female fighter pilots
russian female soldiers ww1

01: Romanian army

The Eastern european nation has topped our list of most attractive armed forces. to find the seixiest recruits in the world , nothing but Romania.

beautiful female soldiers
beautiful military ladies