how to add products in shopify .

click on products select all products go to add product.

add product on shopify .

add product title , add description(optional) , add product type, add product vendor.

add vendor .

upload the image of the product, select a collection in which is most suitable for the product, add a search tag for this product , add your price here if product don’t have its variants.

add price

if product have variant you are going to add its variant here.

which can be size color or anything . you can separate them by coma .

and you are also going to add sku price here.

how to make a collection in shopify

in products click on collection and go to create collection.

add collection title , description but its optional . add collection is also optional if you want to upload .

add collection

select a collection type its a auto or manual, means you manually add product to the collection or you want automatically add product to this collection.

with a condition , which you have to define in condition section . and condition could be anything like products which has a name ” Fan” comes in this collection.

or a vendor tab . or anything. after that click on save to save the collection.

how to add shopify apps to your shopify store.

Click on apps and go to the visit shopify store. to search a app you want to install on your store.

add app

search and select your app, click on add app. than click on install app to your store.

how to add pages to your shopify store.

go to online store click on pages. click on add new page at top right corner . add your page title , and the page content by using the tools by shopify.

click on save to save your page . and your page will added to your store.

add page

how to add menus to your shopify store.

in online store go to navigation , menus are open in front of you, click on add menu .add your menu title and menu items which you want to add to your store.

click on save menu when you think your menu is ready .

add menu