The Pakistani Army is the principal land warfare uniformed service branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces.the Pakistan Army has approximately 550,000 active duty personnel, supported by the Army Reserve and the National Guard. This effectively makes it the 6th largest army in world in terms of manpower. In Pakistan, the age of military enlistment is 17–23 years of age for voluntary military service; soldiers cannot be deployed for combat until age 18 according to its nation’s constitution.

  1. The World’s 13th Strongest Military According to a head-to-head comparison report by Business Insider of the world’s top 25 strongest militaries, Pakistan was placed on the 13th position by the leading American website
  2. Pakistan Has The 17th Largest Military In The World , Pakistan was named the 17th largest military in the world on the basis of active personnel.
  3. Pakistan Has Most Number Of Female Personnel (Islamic World), Pakistan has the largest number of female personnel serving in the armed forces in all of the armies of Islamic majority countries. And their roles are not limited to the medical or engineering corps etc only .
  4. Pakistan Air Force Is The 10th Strongest Air Force In The World, Pakistan’s military is reputed as one of the strongest militaries and so is its air force. With four out of six top level helicopters in service, 70,000 air force active personnel, 951 aircraft along with two types of combat and surveillance drones, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is considered the 10th strongest air power in the world.
  5. The 5th Largest Contributor To UN Peace Missions, With more than 6,000 military personnel in UN peacekeeping missions, Pakistan is the 5th largest contributor to United Nations peacekeeping activities. Pakistan’s armed forces and their personnel have also had a long history serving as UN peacekeepers in conflict areas around the world, including Bosnia, Congo, Sierra Leone, Kuwait besides many other.
  6. Pakistan Military Has 0% Suicide Rate, suicide among active duty service members of the military remains a concerning reality in all countries of the world. However Pakistan is among some of the highly blessed forces that have 0% suicide rate. 
  7. Pakistan’s Military Is Strongest In The Islamic World, Pakistan is the only Islamic majority country in the world with nuclear arsenal, making its army the most powerful force in the Islamic world. Although the Business Insider rankings places Egypt and Turkey above the Pakistan military, 13th position on the list, neither Turkey nor Egypt have nuclear might, making Pakistan’s army certainly more potent.
  8. Al-Khalid (11th best main battle tank) is produced in Pakistan, and in service with Pakistan army.
  9. Pakistan army spends $10,000 per soldier.
  10. Top 3rd contributor of troops to the U.N peacemaking. Pak-Army has received the highest number of U.N models.
  11. Pakistan’s army aviation is the world’s only military aviation to own 4 out of 6 world’s top attack helicopters.
  12. There are total 24 Modern guns in Pakistan military (2019).
  13. Pakistan created their own Fighter jet JF 17 with china.
  14. There is a list of ballistic missiles currently operated by the Pakistan Armed Forces.Pakistan ranked at 18th position in missiles technology throughout the world.
  15. Missiles of pakistan also hit every place on earth .
  16. Babur is a missile who carry nuclear arsonal and hit on every country on the world. Babur is also fired from earth , sea or space.
  17. Pakistan rank 14th in Naval strength in the world. It has 8 submarine , and china offer 13 submarines by 2023.
  18.  By and estimated guess pakistan has 160 atom bombs by 2018.
  19. As of 13 June 2013 around 4,000 women are serving in the Pakistan Armed Forces.
  20. There are 26 types of Active Aircrafts in pakistan Air Force (2019) in the military factory . which include Chengdu J-7/f-7 , Mirage III , F16 , JF 17 and so on.