The Pakistan Air Force (PAF)  is the aerial warfare uniform service branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces, tasked primarily with the aerial defence of Pakistan, with a secondary role of providing air support to the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Navy. The PAF has a tertiary role of providing strategic air transport and logistics capability to Pakistan.

Interesting and fascinating facts about pakistan air force

  1. 1951–1961: PAF enters the Jet Age. The first Aircraft was (PAF Hawker Sea Fury two-seat trainer ).
  2. 1959: PAF Draws ‘First Blood’, Flying Officer Waleed Ehsanul Karim Succesfully flies his F-86 the first fighter jet of PAF .
  3. 1965 war with india, The PAF fleet at the time consisted of 12 F-104 Starfighters, some 120 F-86 Sabres and around 20 B-57 Canberra bombers.The PAF claims to have had complete air superiority over the battle area from the second day of operations.
  4. In December 1971, India and Pakistan went to war over East Pakistan(Bangladesh). At the start of the war, the PAF inventory contained around 270 combat aircraft while the IAF had 625.
  5. A PAF Mirage III competes in the Alert Scramble Competition during Falcon Air Meet 2010 in Jordan.
  6. Pakistan has 11 Flying air bases and 7 non flying air bases which are used for training.
  7. As of 2017, per IISS, the PAF has 70,000 personnel. It operates 755 aircraft.
  8. Highest kill ratio against Israeli air force.
  9. Downed several USSR bombers and Migs during Afghan war. You can find one of the mig 21 at karachi air force museum.  Definitely more than Americans did.
  10. Achieved air superiority over 4 times bigger Indian air force in 1965.
  11. M. M Alam destroyed  5 indian air force jets in less than 30 seconds.  Which is still a world record. 
  12. Played active role as civilian administrator of PIA to make one the best airline during 1950-1980s. And many of their trained pilots and officials later worked for gulf airline to make it what it is now. 
  13. maintained F-16s for over 12 years without access  to American spare parts during 1990-2001.
  14. Developed a F-16 clones as JF-17.
  15. Developed air launched cruise missiles at their own.  (i know many will say they are by Chinese assistance but that is not true for sure). 
  16. Used lahore Islamabad motorway as runway. 
  17. Despite being in terrible condition during 1971 war,  maintained good kill ratio against indian air force.
  18. PAF is the only air force in the world who ‘manufactures’ its own fighter jets. All the rest of the armies buys them from third party vendors.
  19.  since 2003 women have been allowed to enroll in the aerospace engineering and other programs of PAF Academy Risalpur, including fighter pilot training programmes
  20. There are 26 types of Active Aircrafts in pakistan Air Force (2019) in the military factory . which include Chengdu J-7/f-7 , Mirage III , F16 , JF 17 and so on.