it’s nice to make money with your blog. right?

After all the effort it takes to make the blog successful , and for your blog to continue beings successful… need to start some kind of revenue from it.

But the real question for every blogger is where should i begin?

The answers is here . these are some top 5 affiliate programs website which you should consider and take benefit from them.

No overwhelming list 100+ affiliate programs that all sounds the same.

No superficial content that help you , only the answers of those questions which matters.

Sound Great?

Let get started…….!


shareasale logo

This Affiliate program is one of the most popular and well-known affiliate networks.

They are in business from 17 + years ,And they have keeping up with time. Featured marketplace full of merchant’s catering to almost everything you can think off. there is always a relevant products for you to promote.

why you consider ShareASale as your affiliate program???


  • evaluate your campaigns in terms of leads, sales, clicks, and affiliate commissions
  • tools that let you create product links and turn them into trackable affiliate links .
  • Large-scale of trusted merchants
  • Flexible payout
  • Multiple industry awards
  • Live chat and phone support


One flaw here . we can say that because ShareASale is a large affiliate marketing network, you can expect less individual attention


Clickbank is much more like ShareASale . it’s the second largest affiliate network in the world. clickbank is a marketplace filled with the merchants that you can pick or choose to promote .

why you consider ClickBank as your affiliate program???

Pros .

  • Track records of 20 + years.
  • Millions of options
  • Quick to respond
  • Flexible payment schedule
  • variety of payment options


  • Less digital payment options.
  • maximum earn 150$ Per referral sale.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

Third affiliate marketing Program is CJ Affiliate by Conversant. Formerly known as a Commission Junction. they have been in the industry since 1998. And that experience shines through in every aspect they do. with products in every niche , it’s hard to find a fault with them.

why you consider CJ Affiliate by Conversant as your affiliate program???


  • A program you can rely on
  • One of the largest Affiliate network.
  • flexibility to choose.
  • No middle man
  • Automated notifications.
  • Flexible affiliate linking
  • Free and easy sign-up


  • minimum paycheck limit is $50
  • No PayPal payment option

Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten is a leading online store, stocking everything from high end electronics to pet supplies .if you need it , you can more likely to get it at Rakuten. And they want to pay you for helping to sell anything sold on their store.

So what’s so special about this company? A Rakuten’s user gets:

  • A Service you can trust.
  • Solid payment options
  • One of the oldest affiliate programs.
  • Sporadic Payments.
  • Loved by BBB and social media guys.

why you consider Rakuten as your affiliate program???


  • have to Apply for individual brand
  • Their knowledge base is hard to navigate.
  • Limited access to customer service


TradeDoubler is an affiliate marketing Program with 19 years of experience.

This affiliate platform offers both global payments and tracking solutions for affiliate marketers.

Their focus has always been to provide results for vendors and affiliates through technology and this is how they prepared their platform.

Over time they’ve amassed an army of 180,000 active affiliate partners, connecting them to over 2,000 merchants in Europe and the UK. Many of these merchants are household names.

why you consider TradeDoubler as your affiliate program???


  • You’ll find here big name companies like Philips, HP, The Body Shop and more.
  • International payments are available.
  • Advanced tracking capabilities → This includes the ability to track affiliate sales even when cookies are disabled.
  • Ability to add multiple websites per account.
  • Intuitive performance reports with many useful metrics like the current status of affiliate commissions and affiliate campaign results.
  • Regular monthly paycheck when you have earned over 30 GBP (40 USD).


  • Limited access – affiliates must have significant amounts of UK traffic in order to apply to the network.
  • BASC payments are only.
  • Confusing terms and conditions.
  • For instance, TradeDoubler says that affiliates can promote their campaigns via social media.
  • But, the TradeDoubler publisher agreement states that affiliates can’t place links on any site beyond their ownership.


Commission : Flat rate ….up to $ 1,000 per product purchase.

Cookies life : 90 days.

Hubspot mission is to help millions of organizations to grow better. HubSpot award winning growth platform gives thousands of companies the tools they need to manage the customer experience.

when you join HubSpot affiliate program , you gain access to a large inventory , including demo videos , banners all designed to help you earn the most commission possible.

if you have a large audience or want to monetize your content , then our affiliate program is likely well- suited for you.


Commission is : 30% Recurring

Cookie life : One year

Aweber has been the autoresponder of choice for over one million business since 1998.

Affiliates of Aweber can earn substantial income with two ways

  • In house affiliate programs.
  • Alternatively , you can earn up to $300 per account. The cookies life in 45 days in this option.


Commission : 30% Recurring

Cookie window: 30 days

A new comer in the marketing field, Convertkit helps its customers grow their customer-base via landing pages, forms, email drip campaigns.

The program offers a lifelong 30% commission for every referred playing customer or webinar subscriber.

Convertkit affiliate program is primarily addressed to existing Convertkit users who feel their audience could benefit from email marketing products.

Amazon associates

Everyone knows amazon. The online marketplace that can deliver anything from candy to a fully-functional drone to your door in a day. every niche has its space on amazon. which is why it’s such a great starting point for an affiliate marketing venture.

why you consider Amazon Associates as your affiliate program???


  • Upto 10% commission on any qualifying products sale that comes from your store.
  • all purchases the referred trafic make on amazon, even if it’s not the product you linked to , count towards your affiliate revenue.


  • Affiliate cookies last 24 hours.
  • lack of payout options.

Ebay partners

Even the user-based colossal marketplace that is ebay wants you to help advertise and sell the items on their platform. All you need to do us find listings you want to help promote, promote them using Ebay’s partner network tools, and you get paid.

why you consider Ebay partners as your affiliate program???


  • There is no marketplace more diverse than ebay. it’s user based.
  • The most straightforward affiliate sales method.
  • Double commission on first 3 months.


if an auction takes over 10 days to end , you earn nothing.

Shopify Affiliate Program

shopify is one of the leading ecommerce software used by bloggers and online retailers. As a blogger yourself, you are likely familiar with it . so, for those of you in niches where your audience will also be trying to sell online, shopify is a great affiliate partnership for you to point them to.

why you consider Shopify affiliates as your affiliate program???


  • You earn a lot per referral.
  • it’s a platform worth referring people to.


your audience needs to be selling things online for shopify to over be relevant to them.

Leadpages partner program

Leadpages an extremely powerful online marketing tool. giving everyone no matter their level of experience, the ability to create landing pages that convert well. they offer a product almost unrivalled in their space. so if you have a digital audience – they’ll want this.

why you consider Leadpage partner as your affiliate program???


  • with the right audience, it sells itself.
  • it’s incredibly powerful marketing , its truly worth promoting.


  • Too niches to work for many.

Final words.

So now you know the top 5 best affiliate marketing networks for 2019. It’s time to signup here and there to test out these solutions!

How do you like this article? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!