1.Start With What’s Familiar

Are you thinking of becoming an affiliate marketer? And have no idea to launch such business? if your answer to the both questions, than you are at the right place to learn everything you need. answers of your both question would be like this,

“start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

Think about your favorite tools, products, Services , APPs you use daily.Find if the brands behind them offers affiliate partnership programs.

Do a bit research about the brands , Products and there key selling point. Once you find out which program is right for you , join it . Next thing is to create affiliate campaigns. Avoid jumping in to popular industries choose a playground that offers you a room to compete with established affiliates.

Any ideas for promoting your products will work if done right. You will soon find out which kind of products are easy for you to promote. There is a chance that there are more product like that in particular niche .

Launch a trail campaign and see how it goes for you , Find out what brings the money on the table. Give it a try learn about yourself what skills you possess and what suits you as a marketer .

2.Start a Website

Most Affiliate Programs expect you to have an affiliate website, And ask to submit its url before you join. Because marchants want to ensure that your site is not hurting the company reputation. Hence you needed a Affiliate site to start your affiliate journey. Setting up a site is not difficult these days, you can everything on one place called wordpress to set up a website.

Building a website using wordpress is easy , Just few step and your site is online.

The rule is to creating the highest quality content of all time , Follow the best practice in every thing you do. And win the trust of your visitors . just follow the modern days practices in web design ,UX, SEO.

3. Find The Best Affiliate Program

Finding the best affiliate program in your niche won’t be difficult . Spend some time in searching for your affiliate program because its your bottom line.

The easiest way is to dig deep in google or any other search engine . Start with your “keyword+affiliate” , try different keywords and you will get soon appropriate affiliate programs.

Big brands offers affiliate programs, if you are looking for an affiliate program of well know company , Check out the most popular affiliate programs.

But if you have your favorite brand , you would like to partner up as affiliate marketer check the website directly. If they run partner program the relevant information can usually be found on footer in each page of website.

Mostly big brands and companies offer free affiliate program, however if they ask for your bank account or paypal its for company needed to be pay you.

4.Track Performance

First of all , setup a Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor users behaviour on site . Sellers usually provide their partners monitor panels, And some of them offers API’s so they can track your performance with a dashboard.

Also joining a particular performance marketing network such as ShareASale allows you to use their campaign tools.

5. Creative Strategies

You shouldn’t get disappointed if your affiliate campaign gives a little bit of commission, well, sub-optimal at the beginning of your journey . Slow and steady wins the race.

Implement various online campaigns and switch them up, you can include webinar , youtube videos, products review see how they perform optimize their result .And make your strategy which work for you .

Constantly improve and adjust your affiliate Strategies and test out various approaches. With time you will be able to identify which is most suitable strategy for you, which campaign gives you the best profit, and which campaign needed to be abandoned.

Wrapping Up

it takes courage and special kind of personality to become an affiliate marketer. Some people never take action and just do it. some take it as a bit of some extra income. For some it’s adventure , they just wanna rock on the online marketing business.

If you have any other questions feel free to share with us in comments below.